• Treatment of Yeast Infection with Essential Oils

    Yeast Infection:  Yeast Infection is a naturally occurring fungus that inhabits the vagina without causing problems. With a yeast infection, overgrowth causes itching, discharge, and vaginal soreness. In some cases, burning or pain is present with urination or sexual activity. Give essential oils... View Post
  • Treatment of Wrinkles with Essential Oils

    Wrinkles:  Wrinkles form as the skin loses elasticity during aging. Essential oils do not remove wrinkles; however, they can help promote healthy skin and improve elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles while improving overall skin tone. Carrot-Geranium Toner:  MAKES 24 TREATMENTS Carrot... View Post
  • Treatment of Wasp Sting with Essential Oils

    Wasp Stings:  Essential oils are a great way to treat wasp stings or prevent them from happening by repelling wasps. With essential oils, you can avoid the commercial wasp repellents that are laden with toxic chemicals that can harm you, your children, your pets, and the environment. Wasp Repelle... View Post