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Ageing Skin Treatment With Essential Oils

Studies show that when you turn 25, the first signs of ageing start to appear. As our skin starts to age it undergoes several changes. Ageing skin can result in loosing elasticity so it becomes loose and dull. Moreover, ageing can result in your skin color changing and also loosing its soothing texture. Losing elasticity can cause skin to become more sensitive, which means skin tone can become more dry. We should take early steps to retain our beauty by keeping skin moisturized, preventing excessive sun exposure and a balanced healthy diet.

Under Eye Therapy:

Due to remarkable traits of astringent, cypress essential oil is an ideal oil to treat dark circles that appear beneath eyes.


  • 2 Drops of Coconut Oil
  • 2 Drops of Cypress Oil


  1. Mix 2 drops of coconut oil and 2 drops of cypress essential oil into a bowl.
  2. First cleanse the area under the eye and then apply the mixture by using cotton balls
  3. Repeat this procedure every day before sleeping.

Skin wrinkles:

Jasmine and geranium essential oil balance skin promote smoothness, while also diminishing the appearance of skin wrinkles. The serum has a shelf life of over a year.



  1. Take a dark colored bottle with an orifice reducer, add 1 ounce of argan carrier oil with 30 drops of geranium essential oil and 30 drops of jasmine essential oil.
  2. Shake well so all 3 oils can mix properly.
  3. Use a cotton pad to apply the serum on your face, neck and hands.
  4. When using take good care of applying only enough quantity so that your skin can absorb it.
  5. Repeat this treatment before sleeping.
  6. Keep the serum in a cool, dark place so it doesn’t turn bad.





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