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Treatment Brittle Hair with Essential Oils

Brittle Hair: 

Brittle hair is caused by excess exposure to heat, chemicals such as chlorine, or excessive Processing such as dyes, straighteners, or perms. Breakage happens often, as do tangling and unmanageability. Prevent brittle hair by sticking to a natural hair care regimen.

Geranium-Rosemary Hair Masque: 


Geranium and rosemary essential oils help increase circulation and stimulate hair follicles to release more natural oils. Help hair improve faster by avoiding chemicals and hot styling tools.


  • 1 Tablespoon Jojoba Carrier Oil
  • 6 Drops Geranium Essential Oil
  • 6 Drops Rosemary Essential Oil


  1. In a small glass bowl, combine the jojoba carrier oil along with the geranium and rosemary essential oils, and stir to combine.
  2. Using your fingertips, apply the blend to a dry scalp, and massage it gently through the hair.
  3. Allow the masque to remain in place for 30 to 60 minutes, then wash the hair as usual.
  4. Repeat this treatment 3 times a week until the hair has returned to normal.

Sandalwood Spritz: 


Sandalwood essential oil helps promote healthy hair by stimulating the scalp to produce more sebum, which is a natural oil that gives hair its glossy appearance. As a bonus, this spritz smells fantastic.


  • 2 Ounces Purified Water
  • 10 Drops Argan Carrier Oil
  • 20 Drops Sandalwood Essential Oil


  1. In a dark-colored glass bottle fitted with a spray top, add the water, argan carrier oil, and sandalwood essential oil, and shake well to blend.
  2. Generously spray wet or dry hair with the blend and allow to dry.
  3. Repeat this treatment up to 3 times a day, shaking the bottle before each use.
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