| Randall Agee

Treatment of Anxiety with Essential Oils


Fear and anxiety can interfere with daily life. If you often feel nervous, powerless, or worried, it is possible that you are suffering from serious anxiety. Other symptoms include feelings of impending doom, rapid breathing, hyperventilation, trembling, and an increased heart rate. Natural remedies often help sufferers immensely; seek professional help if symptoms do not improve.

Stabilize with Valerian:

Valerian essential oil is an effective remedy for anxiety, as it aids in stabilizing mood and emotions while relaxing the mind and providing a grounding effect. Diffuse valerian essential oil in the area where you spend the most time or use it in an aromatherapy pendant. You may also dilute the valerian with an equal amount of carrier oil and apply it to your temples.

Mellow with Marjoram:

Marjoram is such a powerful mood stabilizer that it has been nicknamed “the herb of happiness”. It calms the nerves while promoting a mellow mindset. In a small bowl blend marjoram essential oil with an equal amount of a carrier oil before application or use your fingertips to apply 3 to 5 drops neat to the back of your neck. Enhance marjoram’s calming effect by diffusing it, inhaling it directly, or using it with an aromatherapy Pendant

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