| Randall Agee

Treatment of Hiccups with Essential Oils

Somedays we encounter a very common problem called hiccup. Hiccups are caused by involuntary spasms that in turn cause diaphragm to contract repeatedly. Hiccups can be treated efficiently by using essential oils, dropping the symptoms within minutes. Hiccups can last longer too, if your hiccups lasts more than 48 hours or longer, consult a doctor immediately as it can be a reason for some other problems in body.

Dill Hiccup Slave: 

Dill Essential oil has a strong property of being antispasmodic that can cure hiccups efficiently without any side effects.  You can also increase the healing time by drinking warm water. 



  1. Take a glass and add 4 drops of carrier oil with 2 drops of dill essential oil
  2. Using your fingertips, trace a line of blend from along with your jaw from one ear lobe to other
  3. Drink a glass of warm water, focusing on feeling it as it goes down your throat
  4. Repeat this treatment once if hiccups persists for 5 minutes after first treatment.


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