• Orange (Kino) Premium Essential Oil
  • Orange (Kino) Premium Essential Oil

Orange (Kino) Premium Essential Oil


Orange                 (Citrus sinensis)

Many increase their consumption of oranges during cold and flu season. Take advantage of orange essential oil's ability to help mitigate common symptoms of these ailments, and you are likely to find that you feel better overall. This simple, fragrant essential oil also imparts feelings of warmth and happiness while helping to eliminate toxins and address a wide range of common ailments. 

Application Methods:

  • Use in the bath or shower for absorption and aromatherapy benefits
  • Diffuse for aromatherapy benefits
  • Massage, diluted, for physical ailments
  • Use with compress for muscle pain and stiffness

Blends with:


Orange essential oil is phototoxic. Avoid exposing application sites to sunlight for 12 to 24 hours following application. Orange essential oil has a very short shelf life, generally just about six months.

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight for 12 to 24 hours after use.
  • Use within 6 months of purchase date.

Reduce Fear and Anxiety naturally with orange essential oil: “Orange essential is an excellent addition to your regimen, particularly if you suffer from fear or anxiety. In a 2013 study published by Advanced Biomedical research, children who inhaled orange essential oil while undergoing dental procedures showed fewer physical manifestations associated with fear and anxiety”.

Medicinal Uses: