• Frankincense Premium Essential Oil

Frankincense Premium Essential Oil


Frankincense             (Boswellia carteri)

Early Sumerians and Egyptians used frankincense essential oil for incense, stomach ailments, skin care, and cosmetics; today, it continues to be prized for its usefulness. The aroma of frankincense stimulates the brain's emotional center, soothing and calming the mind. Physically, frankincense essential oil strengthens the immune system, aids in rejuvenating skin and promoting healing, and helps compromised respiratory systems recover. If you are looking for an essential oil with the ability to improve mind and body alike, consider frankincense.

Application Methods:

  • Use in the bath or shower for absorption and aromatherapy benefits
  • Diffuse for aromatherapy benefits and respiratory ailments
  • Massage, diluted, for physical ailments
  • Use with compress for muscle pain and stiffness

Blends With:


Because it can stimulate menstrual flow, pregnant women should avoid frankincense essential oil.

  • Do not use if you are pregnant.

Medicinal Uses: