• Valerian (Balchar) Premium Essential Oil
  • Valerian (Balchar) Premium Essential Oil

Valerian (Balchar) Premium Essential Oil


Valerian          (Valeriana officinalis)

If you suffer from insomnia, sleeplessness, restlessness or any other psychological complications, valerian essential oil's powerful yet natural composition helps to reduces stress, normalize heart rate, fights depression and reduce heart palpitations. Valerian essential oil is derived from the roots of valer plant having traits of being natural sedative, and its relaxing abilities are acknowledged in medicinal fields.

Application methods:

  • Use in the bath or shower for absorption and aromatherapy benefits
  • Diffuse for aromatherapy benefits
  • Massage, diluted, for physical ailments
  • Use with compress for muscle pain and stiffness

Blends with:


Valerian essential oil has a deeply relaxing effect and should not be used prior to driving, operating machinery, or doing other tasks that require concentration.

  • Do not use while driving
  • Do not use if you are pregnant
  • Do not use it in high dosages
  • Do not use if you have liver disease
  • Do not use it for sedative without consultation from your doctor

Medicinal Uses: